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[02 Jan 2005|04:57pm]
[ mood | In need of a change ]

So my dear friends, I've decided to delete my acount known as 'Spook108' and use my other account under the user name of 'Greyconfetti'. Now this doesn't mean I'm not going to be on LJ anymore because I wil be...just in a different acount. There you have it my dearies, if you still wish to read my mindless entries then all you have to do is befriend me at greyconfetti

Yep. That's all I have to say for now. Good bye Spook108.

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Just because you asked me to. [29 Dec 2004|05:58pm]
[x] = yes [ ] = no

[x]wanted to get a tattoo
[x]wrote random thoughts on paper for 'creative relief'
[x]kissed someone on the mouth
[]with tongue
[x]have a crush on someone
[x]on a boy
[]on a girl
[x..unfortunately]thought about a teacher naked
[]thought have having sex with them
[x]thought about them having sex with someone else
[x]played with someones hair who you didn't know
[x]followed a stranger around
[x]followed a hot stranger
[]followes an ugly one
[]looked up porn
[x]had porn unintentionally pop up
[]danced around naked
[]shown someone your ass (when you were older than 10)
[]shown someone your boobs (older then 10)
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Hooga. [28 Dec 2004|08:44pm]
[ mood | Bleh ]

I just bought a Bauhaus cd today. A very happy girlie you could say I am. So tonight, thine neighborhood shall echo with sounds of the "Press the Eject and Give me the Tape" cd by the Bauhaus as thy volume of the music shall ring about my abode.

Hooga! ....haven't said that in a while.

Anyhow, since I was feeling a bit bored I also decided to write down a list of all the Cds I own at the moment. Feel free to take a look but I'm doing this mainly out of boredom.


Hmm, 43 cds. Not too shabby.Collapse )

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Aquabats concert details!! [19 Dec 2004|11:29pm]
[ mood | content ]

Yeah, so I realize I'm a few days late to update about the Aquabats concert but anyhow, here's the story...


Yes! it was so awesome! My Ma droped me and my dearest friend Justin off about 45 minutes before the doors opened so we could garentee tickets and get in. When we pulled up there was a huge line outside and after a minute or two I realized that the particular line we were standing in, most likely wasn't for tickets. So I ask the people in front of us where we should go to buy them and apparently one of the guys from the radio station (103.9 the Edge) overhears and comes over. He asks if we needed tickets (obviously...) and he asked how many we needed and whatnot and after he hands over two presious tickets I start to pull out my money and before I get I chance to look up from my pocket he's turned around and off to chat with his other 103.9 friends. IT WAS SO AWESOME!

It was also exteamly cool for Justin since it was his first concert. And since we got in so quickly, we also got right in front and manage to stay slightly to the lest in the front the entire time (right next to the speakers of course...). So all in all, a good time was had by everyone. The show was awesome as the Aquabats shows always are. The only thing that I didn't like was probably the amount of opening bands they had. I'm not saying they weren't all pretty damn good because they were, but due to the four bands who performed it took them till 11:00pm before the Aquabats even got to go on.

And we won't mention how I shoved a girl into some of her fellow moshers for getting her sweating-ness all over me and jumping behind me like a maniac for a whole 15 minutes.

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[16 Dec 2004|05:39pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Pray to Elvis! Thank Jesus finals are finally (ha ha, finals are finally) over.

Now for two weeks of nothing but sitting around like a hermit and sleeping. Of course that whole hermitting thing starts after AQUABATS CONCERT tomorrow!

Yay! Tomorrow! I'm excited.

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[05 Dec 2004|04:06pm]
Ha ha. Some of it's true though, I'm good at procrastinating.

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" ...Oh I always wanted to be a Non-Dairy Creamer ..." [29 Nov 2004|08:38pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

The TNDC show -  Overall I think our little performance at bob’s hippy shack went exceptionally well. Joel and his mad bass skills improved so much imbetween the last time I saw him and now it was freaking amazing. He went from being able to plunk out a few notes to playing a mind-boggling rhythm at an insane hand movement speed. I was very impressed.

Ben was his bubbly, comical self. He even wrote a new song that I thought was pretty good, yet funny. As are most of the songs he comes up with.

I was up to my ears with delight when I found so many people liked my drum playing. Speaking of which, I owe this all to Nicholas who insisted on me playing drums even when I tried to back down from it because thought I wasn’t good enough even before practicing with the whole band. He was also the one who helped me figure out most of the beats for the songs. With just the two of our musical abilities and judgments of what would work and whatnot we managed to make that poor beat up drum set sound pretty damn good. 

Anyhow, I'll write some more about the weekend tomorrow. I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight.

Goodnight! : ) ***EDIT*** Holy crap. What the hell happened to my font?

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I don't wanna. [21 Nov 2004|04:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Ugghh.. I guess I should be writting that essay about now.

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Have a nice Thursday. [11 Nov 2004|12:53pm]
[ mood | Just splendilicous. ]

First of all...

I feel like dancing. Anyone care to join me?

Right... now onto other things.

   So here I sit, home alone on a Thursday. The school decided to give us Veteran's Day off but thought we should have to come back for Friday. It's so dumb, why don't they give us Friday off too? Stupid Mesa school district, I swear the people directing it must all have somebody's foot up thier ass and are too mean to let us have a break for an extra day.

   Speaking of school, I got blamed for ditching 5th hour yesterday. I did not ditch, I never have! Honestly! (Well, there was that one time when we had a half-day and we got to leave after D lunch but it just so happened I had D lunch so I ditched lunch and left early..hee...but any way.) I sit right up front and everything so she had to have seen me. But thankfully, The Ma called my Math teacher and got it figured out, and from what Mrs. Stone told me she said that she was so used to me being last on the attendance sheet and when the new kid  (new kids have to be written down on the attendance sheet on the bottom by the teacher) was absent she just went to the very last name (which was mine) and marked it absent.

  I can't find my Siouxie and the Banshees CD and it's driving me insane. I hate it when this happens, because once you realize that one of your CD's is missing it's like that's all you ever want to listen to. I haven't been able to find it for almost a month, ( I probably haven't picked up my room for about a month...) but I'm beginning to consider just buying a new one. I guess I should clean the great abyss of my room first just to make sure...

 God damn I'm broke. Anyone wanna buy a T-shirt?

Oh yeah, no more Pat just for all you girlies who might have been wondering.   Hehe. 


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[07 Nov 2004|08:25pm]
[ mood | content ]

Huzzah! The dead has been called upon and I have risen! Sweet Jesus (did I just say that?) have I got a bunch of crap to catch up on with.

This calls for a list format! And maybe a cut or two I dunno, I’ll have to see once I’m done typing….

Oh yeah, and as much as I would love to go in chronological order (it would make things a lot less confusing, but…) for this I’m going to have to go in order by which I can remember. I’ll try to get it as close as possible though.

^v^ Oh! Big things first! I’m sure you might have heard (well, read anyway) in some of my pervious posts from a long time ago about a particular Jazz band at my school. Well you see, this year I was going to try out for the pianist’s position but that particular day I happened to be sick. Well it just so happened that the guy there (he was there from last year along with a 9th grade girl) is a big idiot. Everyone can tell that his timing is way off, he has no rhythm and all together just plays like crap. Not to mention blew off a show once and gets to practice in the morning at least 10 minutes late every time. I would have killed for that piano spot so when I noticed these things about them and knew I could do better, I talked to my band director and asked him if (Of course I thought about saying kick him out but instead..) he would consider two jazz piano players. So, if you can get what I’m trying to say out of all that is, I’m in Jazz Band! Woot! I’m so happy.

^v^ In other news, things around here have been pretty good. School is still pretty hectic but I kinda prefer being busy over just sitting around all day looking at the wall. Well, I guess you do the same thing in the classroom at school but at least your friends are there.

^v^ I bought a new Cure CD. It’s the Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me one. I’ve decided that The Cure is without question my absolute favorite band. There’s something about Robert Smith and his ‘gay cereal rapist’ looks and how yet he sings about girls and you can’t help but become addicted to their bizarre lyrics and catchy music.

^v^ Damn I can’t think.

^v^ Uh… I hung up my Sex Pistols poster… painted a few more shirts for some people. I bought a new table for my cd player at Target since the other one broke.

^v^ I’m starting to really get into all this old jazz and swing music. The Dave Brubeck Quartet and Glen Miller and his orchestra and of course Frank Sinatra are becoming almost a daily thing to listen to for me. It might just be because I’m trying to develop a little bit better sense of rhythm for jazz since I play piano for it now but yeah. I like it.

^v^ I went Trick or Treating! It was pretty damn fun, got a fuckin lot of candy too.

^v^ I’m glad the whole election thing is over. Those damn commercials and all the crap on the news and whatnot was starting to really piss me off.

^v^ That cronological order thing didn't work for crap.

^v^ Uhh..yep that's it.

^v^ I love you! :)

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[07 Nov 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | calm ]

That's what I thought.


You've probably studied loads of different religions, but you're just not sure if any of it is true. Evolution makes some sense to you, but it doesn't satisfy you. Lastly, your personality is one of question, but you won't go out of your way to find -The Truth- It's more of a hobby.

Yeah. I guess I never did mention it but I gave up on the Atheist thing a while back. I realized the Agnostic category discribed me a bit better.

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[27 Oct 2004|05:13pm]
[ mood | ha! ]

Yes, I know it seems like I've disappeared forever, but I did manage to get something good out of my long time away. Woot!

Ha!What now, bitch?!!!!Collapse )

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[17 Oct 2004|07:16pm]
What does your t-shirt say? by rejektedrockstar
Fav. Color
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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"I am the baker! I bake the cake...make no mistake, I like to bake...." [17 Oct 2004|05:32pm]
[ mood | Aweshome. (h intended) ]

God damn I have a lot of stuff to tell you guys about....



1.) I just made an Aquabats shirt! Woohoo! Check it out!

2.) I have the pictures from Berkeley! They all came out just splendid, so go check them out! Bitches!

Aquabat tee and Sissie crew adventure pictures from our trip to Berkeley!Collapse )

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No. Burt's Bees...wax...I'm like Burt's Bees...buy some bees. [04 Oct 2004|07:54pm]
[ mood | I don't know... ]

Oh shit are you writing that down?! God damnit Leah! Ahhh! Yeah. So what happened today?

Uh, we've been in California for what, three days? Yeah. TRES. Uuuummm....the drive up here was really fuckin' long, and there were cows, and they were kinda cool. They smelled. I guess.

Wait what time does Nick get off work? Do we have to go pick him up? Okay. Are you writing that down? It's a clear CD? Way off topic. That too. Man, why did I get the idea to have her do this? Bad idea.

The second day we went to San Francisco. That was pretty fun. Toooo Frisco! Q! Yeah that's good. There were these really big fuckoff uhh...carving things out of ivory there. They were kinda cool, I guess. You could tell we were tourists there. Yeah, so onto today.

We went to Rasputin and Amoeba. Whoa...what was that?! Are you hungry?! It was like...blalllalajdkjalfdjaf. Except in stomach language. Yeah. Mooo...rawr! *click clack click*.

Oh yeah, this Mexican man on the sidewalk starting talking to us, and he had like all of three teeth, he said we were "Perfecto", of course after he asked us for a few dollars. Of course we did not give him the few dollars. Ohhh yeah we should do it for Leah. Who cares? They aren't gonna understand what the hell we're talking about anyway. What the hell's that? I don't know...must have gotten outta that psycho ward.

I know this is like the longest entry I've ever had. Like two little orange pills. Sinus caplets! That doesn't goooo! People are gonna think I'm really dumb. Okay. And then we ...oh no no we went to Target. Tar-jay. And we bought batteries and a mirror and some other crap. And food, oh yeah! And while we were eating the food this big fat guy who had a really bad sunburn on his face, he was like talking to us and asking us if we were in school, we were like "No we're from Arizona, so fuck you bitch." Kinda makes you think he wanted to come to our school and molest us. In the broom closet. Do we even have broom closests at our school? Well probably because they wouldn't know where to put all the brooms. They'd just be all over the hallway. Kids would fall over them. That would be bad, you wouldn't want that.

Okay, enough about brooms. So now -non-drowsy! - we're back here, in the apartment, typing my Livejournal. Every word I say. Written down. Yeah, I can't think of anything, should we talk about brooms again?

No, all right. Oh yeah we have to get chicken tonight!

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[27 Sep 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | creepalicious ]

That's kind of creepy...

The television in the computer room just tured on by itself.

hurm. weird.

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Eek. [11 Sep 2004|09:13pm]
[ mood | Eerie ]

Wow, that's kind of peculiar how the time of my last post is also the date.

Huh, strange.

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[11 Sep 2004|09:11pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Why is it that guys like boobs so much? This is something that I have yet to figure out, and almost certainly never will understand. The reason I brought this up is because in my Tech class, I am one of only four girls. You see, the rest of the lot are ninth grade boys. All they talk about are boobs! What really begins to annoy me is they're always asking me about them too, and certain questions I don't particularly want to discuss. But you get my point. I frankly don't see all the delight in them, but nonetheless the last time I checked I was straight.

In other news…

A few days ago I wondered what it would be like if I hadn't started playing piano, drums, or gotten into band or any of that. I guess I would be more focused on art and drawing a lot more now than I am, or perhaps even drama or photography, but it's just strange to think how different I might have turned out to be if I hadn’t.

Along those lines…

My interests in music and style in dress I guess, I have somewhat altered over the last 4-6 months. There’s not as much black, and now I’m starting to just come up with my own sort of style in things and just dress how I feel that day. I recognized that yeah, I was kind of just being like Nick. What can I say, I’m the little sister and I love him to death, but now he’s gone I’ve been doing more things the way I come up with them in my own mind rather than from someone else’s. The things I wear now days have a pretty wide range and can vary from my Ghost Buster shirt, jeans and Chuck’s, to my Robert Smith shirt that I made with black Capri’s, striped socks and bow flats I bought at Target.

The array in music genre I’ve been listening to has been expanded a great number in all sorts of directions. The radio of course has done a good deal of the confronting with this new music, but I like the wide assortment it gives me now. Like I said before though, the old stuff with always be in favor over the new, but new or old, they all earn their rightful place in my CD case.

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[06 Sep 2004|07:54pm]
[ mood | Me!? Sleepy?! At 7:50? Nah... ]

Just another bad excuse for an update..

The following are just spontaneous new things or random facts I decided to put down about myself. Feel free to read them if you wish and happen to have a bit of time on your hands.

In other words, I'm bored as hell.


* The more I think about it, the more I realize that  I really do like my hair this length and color a lot better. The 'Amazon Annie' style held the tred for quite some time, but I'm definitely taking a liking to the brunette curly-haired Annie quite well.

* My Aunt  has taught me to make su-shi. The funny thing to all this is now all my friends at luch find me incredibly strange. Hopfully no one has noticed the chopsticks I keep in my binder to take to lunch from my other classes yet.

* I am set to be published for a 3rd time for winning a poetry contest.

* I have a crush on a 9th grader in my Tech class....

* My room is actually clean!

* A lot of times, I find myself as a sort of consoler/therepist for my friends. They're always calling me, griping over their little dilemmas, asking me for advice like they'd really listen. Not that this bothers me in the least, I actually like doing it (sometimes anyway). It's almost kind of funny on some occasions, but mostly it's just nice to listen and realize just how hard it is for some people to be able to see out of other's point of view.

* Learning the drum parts for the TNDC show is going to be hard. I can barely hear them on the cd. Damn.

* I've started to listen to all this different music recently.  The Darkness, Green Day, Weezer, Radio Head, The Rasmus, and Franz Ferdinand have started to get to me. I think I like all this diversity from all the stuff I normally listen too. Of course the old stuff will always be in favor over the new. 

* Whilst cleaning the great abyss of my sidetable drawer I stumbled apon a 5th grade math book. He he, Must have forgot to bring it back after an assignment. Ahh well, I'm sure they don't miss it. He he.

* I'm out of ideas.

* I like this red jello stuff. It's good.


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[04 Sep 2004|10:58pm]
Popular interests among Spook108's friends
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5. dracula (5) 15. hair dye (4)
6. johnny cash (5) 16. the strokes (4)
7. the aquabats (5) 17. morrissey (4)
8. the smiths (5) 18. afi (4)
9. the cure (5) 19. elvis presley (4)
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